Official  Authorized 12 Step jewelry

Since 2001 we have been providing  the highest quality gold and silver jewelry for the sober community. Our team contains members of both AA and  NA, and as such we enjoy being able to help people commemorate each milestone in their lives. We pride ourselves in creating jewelry with personal touches, including items that are completely customized for our clients. 

We are the designer of the AA recovery Stone and The NA recovery stones both Gem Cut Designs are US patented and are only manufactured by What makes this Gem Design Cuts so unique? Our AA Gem Stone is facsimile of the AA Symbol. Our NA Gem Stone is modeled after the NA Symbol .

One of our specialties is custom made jewelry, which we create right here in our shop. Don’t see something on our website that is exactly what you want? Or maybe you’d like to make changes to an existing design? Almost anything is possible! Give us a call or send us an email with your ideas, and we’ll be happy to get back to you about costs, options and time lines.

We manufacture many designs of recovery jewelry , sobriety jewelry and 12 step jewelry. including but not limited to Alcoholics Anonymous Jewelry , AA Jewelry, Narcotics Anonymous Jewelry , NA Jewelry.

 Alcoholics Anonymous  Stone

Alcoholics Anonymous Stone.

Our US Patented design . Featuring a Round Gem stone with  a triangular table. Gem cut mimics the AA Symbol

Narcotics Anonymous Stone

Narcotics Anonymous Stone.

 Our US Patented design. Featuring  a Round Gem with a diamond shaped table. Our  exclusive Gem Cut Mimics the  NA Symbol.

Elegant Designs

 We have designed the Official AA and NA Ring and Pendant. A 8mm Gem adorns our designs.

We are proud to have our customers choose what gem we will set in there ring or pendant.

Any gem stone you wish can be cut to fulfill your desires. Our recommendations for AA are blue topaz its the color of the cover of the AA Big Book .

We believe gem stones have healing properties that aid in process of recovery . Let your gem choice bring  balance to the body using the healing properties of gemstones and crystals. See Jewelry tab to design your Jewelry and make your choice.