About Our Company

12 Step Recovery Jewelry Manufactures its exclusive designs for people of recovery. Gem designs are cut specifically for our ring and pendant designs . All gemstones and all our jewelry is manufactured in the USA.

We are proud to be the official manufacturer of Narcotics Anonymous Jewelry .  NA World Services  Approved  .

We are proud to be the official manufacturer of Alcoholics Anonymous Jewelry.

Alan Sawaya is the sole proprietor of Tampa Diamond Center Ring and 12steprecoveryjewery.com , an accomplished diamond cutter and successful entrepreneur. After graduating CW Post LIU he attend the prestigious American Institute of Diamond Cutting In Florida. He studied under Nizam Petters for 2 years and Graduated in 2001 with a Master Diamond Cutters Certificate. He is self-taught Gem cutter and has patented many exclusive cut designs. In the past he was satisfied just as a cutter catering only to the trade. At present he has opened the doors of his cutting Lab and expanded into the the retail environment.   It’s  not your typical jewelry store; we cut gems and diamonds on site and design one of kind pieces. Note : The Manufacturing (Cutting) Process of Diamonds and Gems is visible to the public. We are a proud member of the Jewelers Board Of trade.

To place order  contact us by phone (631)775-7623